Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How do we design the Photo Strip Template?2022-10-27T05:46:46-08:00

Please fill out the Design Guide Form Here

Can you provide an Additional Insured for my Venue?2022-10-27T05:30:11-08:00

Absolutely, Please email the venue insurance requirements and we will submit it to our insurance provider for preparation.

When is my request list, time-line, and planner due?2021-05-25T03:46:24-08:00

We recommend having this in 3-4 weeks prior to your event. You may still submit it up until 7 days prior to the date of the event, although the closer to the date, the more difficult it may be to fulfill all your requests.

What will the DJ and Photo Booth Attendant Wear?2021-05-25T03:46:35-08:00

For weddings and other formal events, the DJ will be in a shirt and tie, unless otherwise requested. For non formal events DJ and Photo Booth Attendant will be in a company polo or dressed to client specification.

What if I don’t see a specific song I want on your website?2021-05-25T03:46:43-08:00

As long as the song is available to purchase somewhere, we will find it and buy it. If you have it feel free to send it to us via email. We would be happy to play your copy of it.

What if our event site has no power?2021-05-25T03:46:57-08:00

Although we do not automatically bring generators, we are available to provide them upon request for an additional fee. Please ask for details.

When is payment due?2021-05-25T03:47:11-08:00

Deposits are required immediately upon booking. Your balance may be paid the night of via cash, check, credit card, and venmo.

Is gratuity required?2021-05-25T03:47:21-08:00

A gratuity is never required, if you felt your DJ or Photo Booth Attendant did an outstanding job, a gratuity is always a nice way to show your appreciation.

Is my deposit refundable?2021-05-25T03:47:27-08:00

Unfortunately no, the deposit is a good faith retainer and is not refundable. In the event you must cancel your event we will reapply the deposit to a new event date one time within 365 days of the canceled event. Availability permitting. Please review our contract for further details.

How do we cancel your services?2021-05-25T03:49:37-08:00

Cancellations must be in writing via email. Then follow up with a call just to make sure we received it. Our full cancellation policy is in your contract.

How do I submit my online request list?2021-05-25T03:49:51-08:00

To submit your request list just click the song list link on our home page. Search for a song you want and then click the green button for a “must play” song. The yellow button for a “play if possible” song and the red button for a “do not play” song. You can save your list and add songs anytime. When the list is completed click the submit button and you are all done.

How do we book your services?2021-05-25T03:50:00-08:00

You may fill out our online quick quote form, or call the office any time at 1-877-994-5994.

Do you provide your own tables?2021-05-25T03:50:12-08:00

We come self contained & do not require the client to provide a table. In some cases clients provide table cloths to match the theme of the event.

Does the DJ or Photo Booth Attendants take breaks?2021-05-25T03:50:22-08:00

No, the DJ and Photo Booth Attendants don’t take breaks.

Do you carry backup equipment?2021-05-25T03:50:30-08:00

Yes. Though it is extremely rare to be needed, the DJ carries backup Speakers, Mics. Our office staff is always available on event days for any last minute situations.

Does the DJ or Photo Booth Attendant come alone?2021-05-25T03:50:39-08:00

Most of the time the DJ or Photo Booth Attendant is alone, however they may bring an assistant to help them throughout the day.

Do we need to feed the DJ, Attendant, or Staff?2021-05-25T03:50:47-08:00

It is never required to provide a meal, but it is a nice gesture since they will typically be at your location for at least 7 hours including set-up and tear down. Some event sites have vendor meals for a reduced price.

Do you offer lighting?2021-05-25T03:50:53-08:00

Yes, lighting is included at no additional charge to help create a party atmosphere on the dance floor. We also offer up-lighting and theatrical lighting. All additional lighting is $25 each. Theatrical Lighting and Monograms are an additional cost.

Do you provide microphones for the ceremony?2021-05-25T03:51:02-08:00

Yes, we provide a lapel wireless mic for the officiant.

Do you charge for set-up or break down time?2021-05-25T03:51:10-08:00

No, we never charge to set up or break down! You only paying from the time we start until we end.

What types of payments do you accept?2022-10-27T05:37:16-08:00

We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo, and Zelle.

Do we need to pick all the songs that will be played?2021-05-25T03:51:34-08:00

You may pick some or you all the songs to be played. We recommend that you pick your favorites but also give the DJ room to take requests and see what is working best for your guests.

Can I make changes to my timeline or planner after I have submitted it?2021-05-25T03:51:45-08:00

Yes, at anytime. Just make the necessary changes and submit the timeline or planner again.

Can I add or delete songs to my request list after I have submitted it?2021-05-25T03:51:52-08:00

Yes, at anytime. Just make the necessary changes and submit the new list.

Can we have someone sing during the ceremony or reception?2021-05-25T03:52:06-08:00

Yes, please provide the song to us via email or our online planner no less than 7 days prior to your event date. We will provide them a microphone and stand if needed.

Do you have Liability Insurance?2021-05-25T03:52:14-08:00

Yes, our Insurance policy covers us up to $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate.

Are you available for my date?2021-05-25T03:52:22-08:00

Fill out the quick quote on our website and we will contact you right away, or call us anytime at 877-994-5994.

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