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Have you ever asked the DJ for a popular song, and they have no clue what your talking about? This is where Our Professional DJs shine. We know the latest hits, and listen to them everyday. Being versed in the music allows us to choose songs effectively and keep the vibe going strong and take it down when the time is right.

Why are we the right DJs for you?

  • Clean Edits! – We thoroughly go through each song, so that we can play the songs you want without upsetting your administration.
  • We provide hype and entertainment that will engage your school!
  • Free consultations at your school to maximize your schools potential.
  • Large Sound Systems, Light Shows, and many extras to choose from!
  • We have the music you want before it’s out on the radio. No need to worry if the DJ has that latest hit.
  • We are licensed and have a $2,000,000 Insurance Policy

Why have a dance without lights? Our trained lighting-technicians use the latest and best computer technology to create amazing light shows.  We use Moving heads, scanners, LED floods, strobes, special aerial effects, and lasers!

Just imagine, a dance where each song had its own lighting theme! Black lights, high-end lasers, floods, confetti, t-shirt guns, firework effects, moving heads, uplights, Haze, bubbles, GOBOs, C02 (Cryo) Blasts– if it exists: WE’VE GOT IT!

So check us out, or better yet call us and we’ll send a DJ to talk to your committee! 877.994.5994