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Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

We have many DJs to choose from for various types of events, but only a few of us that specialize in Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. A DJ & MC must be very interactive and know all the traditional formalities to perform well at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. With the ability to add interactive games, props, activities, dance floor giveaways and professionally announce the special events, our party crews are sure to leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime.


Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah specialist will help plan many aspects of your event including music selections that both the kids and parents will enjoy, games for everyone to partake in, popular party supplies and a layout of events to ensure a smooth flowing celebration! At the event, your team will lead the way so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves. We’ll start working with the kids as soon as they walk in the door so the adults can relax and socialize with each other. From there on, it will be a blast for everyone!


Our creative Photo Montages are another “must have” for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We’ll take 75-100 of your favorite photos and produce them to an entertaining DVD Slideshow to present at your party.


We offer a variety of options to make your party different from the last event your child attended. We have over 25 different activities for you to choose from – and we always try to incorporate at least one new game in every performance. Call us for complete info and planning material!


Balloon Stomp
This is a very high energy game. Everybody gets a balloon attached to a string that is tied to their ankle. The object is to pop other peoples balloon’s while protecting yours. Players must stay within arranged areas. You can spice this up by adding a freeze portion. When the music stops, all must stop.
Suggested Music: Get Ready For This, or any Hi NRG Song!

Balloon Pass #1
Teams are made, two lines facing each other for each team. 1st two people put balloons between them where ever the DJ calls, i.e.: hips, shoulders, stomach and they hold the balloon at between that point on their bodies and go to the end of the line where the balloon is passed back to the head of the line and the next couple go.

Balloon Pass #2
For this fast and fun game, you make long lines of people. For example, three ines of ten people each. The first person in line passes a balloon over their head to the person behind them, who in turn passes the balloon between their legs to the person behind them, who passes the balloon over their head and so on. When the balloon gets to the end of the line, that person runs to the front of the line and i starts all over. The line that gets the starting person all the way to the back wins!

Balloon Pop
Four people per team, two poppers and two blowers. The object is simple, two people blow up the balloons and two people pop them. But they must be popped by holding the balloon between the two people and not using the hands.

Balloon Stuff
For this game you need teams of three or four. 1 person is the “stuffy” and the others are the “stuffers”. The “stuffy” puts on an oversized t-shirt, the s”stuffers” are given balloons. The object is for the “stuffers” to blow up balloons and stuff them under the t-shirt of the “stuffy”. The team with the most balloons under the shirt in a given time wins!

Hula Hoops
There are many ways to use Hula Hoops, one of the best is to make big circles of people, have them hold hands, put the hoop between them, play a fast son, then, the hoop must be passed around the circle without breaking the hands. When the music stops, whoever has the hoop around them, is out. This continues until there is only one person left.

Musical Men / Women
Have as many men or women sit on chairs in a circle. Then, have 1 less person going around the circle as people that are sitting. When the music stops, all must find a lap to sit on, the odd person is out, Remove 1 Chair and continue. The last couple wins!

Long Balloon Pass
Have everyone get into a circle. Use a long balloon and have guests pass it around the circle between their legs and not using their hands. When the music stops, who ever is touch th balloon is out,
Suggested music: Can’t Touch This.

Pass and Guess
This is a good game for the dinner hour. A jar is filled with Jelly Beans and is passed around the table. Each person must write on a piece of paper their guess and their name. They then hand it to the DJ. The person who gets the closest wins the jar and beans!

Human Ring Toss
This high energy game can be done many times to get everyone involved. It takes 6 teams of two, one person wears a hat with a point on it and is the catcher, the other is the tosser. It is a simple game, the first team to catch 4 rings wins!

Marshmallow Sculpting
Each team is given a bag of marshmallows and tooth picks. The object is to make something as a team in a certain amount of time. You can spice this up by making it a theme, i.e. Football, Horses, work related, etc…

Marshmallow Run
This is a team game. Each person has a straw, they need to suck up 1 marshmallow and carry it across the dance floor and put i into a glass and run back and slap the hand of the next person in line. 1st team to get one marshmallow for each player wins.
Suggested Music: Rock ‘n Roll Part 2

Mummy or Present Wrap
1 person is the wrappie and 2 or 3 are the wrappers. Two rolls of toilet paper are used. Wrappers run around and wrap the wrappie. At the Mitzvah, you can also include bows, ribbons, garland or whatever.
Suggested Music: Monster Mash

We all know how limbo is done. It always seems to be a crowd pleaser and you can have a girl and guy winner. You may also do this as a couple or team event with more than one going under at the same time.
Suggested Music: Limbo Rock, Hot, Hot, Hot or other Island Music.

Huggy Bear
Everyone is on the dance floor. Play a song and have everyone dance. Yell out a number and the people must get into groups of that number. Anyone not in a group of that number is out. Everyone can play this, young and old!

Coke and Pepsi
This is a popular game because everyone old and young can play. Two lines across the dance floor, 1 Coke and 1 Pepsi. When one name is called that side runs to the other side and sits on the knee of their partner. Last ones there are out. You can mix this game up by using other names and other things to do, i.e. call out Seven-Up and Both Lines run to the middle and high 5 their partner, say Star Trek and everyone raises their right hand up and yells “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY”, or you can call out the name of the guest of honor and everyone points at them and yells out “YOU ARE THE GREATEST!”

Freeze Dance
Play a fast song and when the music stops, all must freeze. Changing songs and telling people what to do like put your hands in the air will add spice to the contest.

The ever Popular Egg/ Water Balloon Toss
This game has been done for years and years. It takes two lines of people evenly numbered. They toss the egg and catch it. Each time a step backward is taken. They get farther and farther apart. The last team wins. This is a game that must be done outside. You can also use water balloons.

Another Classic. This game is great for young and old as well. All you need is one long piece of rope and strong people. This can be spiced up by making the teams do it backwards. This also should be played outdoors.

Scavenger Hunt
You can have as many people as you like play this game. Have the players come to the dance floor with a chair. Everyone must sit. The MC calls something out like a “Mastercard”. The players run to find one. While they are gone, we remove one chair. The person who comes back and doesn’t have a seat is out. This can be done quickly by calling another item while people are still out and removing another chair.

Human Puzzle
This game takes two people. Each person has one puzzle put on their wrists. The puzzles are inner joined. The object is to get separated without taking the puzzles off your wrists! Lots of Fun! One of the most requested games.
Contests / Activities

Singled Out
most popular in last 3 years! Game to see who of your
friends know you the best. Based on your hobbies, interests, lifestyle,
things you like to do, places to go, etc; five finalists take step up for each
Correct answer. One who reaches you wins (you’re seated w/ back to your
friends) u try 2 guess who it is.

Battle Of The Sexes
a sing along contest with the girls vs. guys.
Popular song begins; one group takes the microphone, passes around as
they sing a few verses of song. Group 2 then goes. Each group goes 3
times. Best group to sing receives higher score & wins .

Say What Karaoke
several groups compete at lip syncing and
performing to a song against each other. Playoff between 2 best groups
where they compete against each other to same 2 songs!

seeking items from guests, quickly returning w/ item to a chair
musical chairs style

Team Up
2 circles, everyone has partner in opposite circle. Circles
rotate in opposite directions. Object to quickly perform call out of
position w/ partner (similar to twister)- lovers leap, roller coaster, dog
house, chicken hut, sailor sight, bridge.

All About (Your Name)
the cocktail party version of singled out. Write
out in advance 25 – 30 trivia facts about you from favorites to your dog’s
name, the number of times or years you participated in something, …
anything about your interests in life, & favorites of any category! We
create 5-8 groups of your friends. The group with more correct answers

Music Challenge
5-8 groups compete several challenges; sing a song
with a particular word, an oldie or recording artist, continue to sing lines
of a song w/o music, to sing a song on a topic, descriptive, oldie, sing-a-
long, charade, or guess the song based on a segment played.

All New Name That Tune
5-6 groups represented by a jockey in a
horse race. Each group to answer correctly the name of the song
advances their horse. Kids may run to adults for answers. Winning team is
horse to win race.

Battle Of The Sexes Movie Trivia
another cocktail hour game. This is a
usually done girls vs guy. Group with more correct answers wins!
Hula Hoop Pass – pass hula-hoop without hands to next person before
music stops

Balloon Relay
fun relay race using inflate feet w/ a balloon between

Spotlight Dance
several groups dancing, best groups are chosen to
take stage to song of their choice. Best performance wins. (Spotlight used
if applicable).

Lip Service
several groups compete at lip-syncing a bunch of songs
against each other. Game judged on lip sync ability and style.

Whose Song Is It Anyway
two groups; 1st group makes up a title; real
or fictitious & chooses an artist for 2nd group to mimic & ad lib to; then
switch; best group wins choice w/ spotlight (if applicable) on them.

Swing Dance Contest
or any type dance contest
2 – Regulation goal w/ goalie; object is scoring on a breakaway shot.

Krazy Carz
first team to direct their car by remote control to the finish
line wins!

Games Including Adults:

Name That Tune
divide kids into equal amounts & kids stand at
different adult tables, first table w/3 songs right wins – kids at tables are
routers & runners for that table – one runner per table per song).

Battle Of The Tables
play a song & pause it, challenge is for that table
to continue singing the song.

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